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From "David W. Van Couvering" <David.Vancouver...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: DERBY-273, owner Tomohito Nakayama, Is it time to move this test out of the nightly regression suite?
Date Fri, 10 Feb 2006 01:36:07 GMT
I would argue that DERBY-880 and DERBY-881 are not regression test 
failures since they're not currently part of the standard derbyall 
suite.  I have also raised some concerns about what we mean by 
"compatibility" -- what interfaces must remain compatible? -- which have 
never really been resolved.


Mike Matrigali wrote:
> I don't see JIRA entries for the encryption failures in the regression 
> test suite component, maybe they were filed before it existed?  There
> are  3 issues currently unowned:
> DERBY-880     jdbcapi/connectionJdbc20.java fails for server ( 
> and client ( compatibility testing with > SQLSTATE(null): 
> java.sql.SQLException: Stream of column value in result cannot be 
> retrieved twice     Unassigned     Ramandeep Kaur     Major     Open 
> Open UNRESOLVED     27/Jan/06     03/Feb/06         Test
> DERBY-881     jdbcapi/LOBTest.java fails for server ( and 
> client ( compatibility testing     Unassigned     Ramandeep 
> Kaur     Major Open Open     UNRESOLVED     27/Jan/06     
> 03/Feb/06         Test
> DERBY-654     unit/T_RawStoreFactory.unit fails with an assert failure 
> in J2ME/CDC/FP     Unassigned     Deepa Remesh     Minor     Open 
> Open     UNRESOLVED 27/Oct/05     23/Jan/06
> I admit I haven't being paying close attention to the tinderbox
> reports, but I am impressed by the following reports - for those
> who have not taken a look:
> http://www.multinet.no/~solberg/public/Apache/TinderBox_Derby/Limited/index.html 
> I probably could have easily narrowed down some questions I sent out 
> earlier this week to a specific change from looking at this.  Nice job.
> It would be REALLY nice if these reports had ZERO errors normally -
> as you point out the encryption ones, and a few others are consistently
> failing.  It
> would be nice to get owners for the issues and then get them out of the
> suite so that this tool could be used to highlight quickly NEW errors.
> David W. Van Couvering wrote:
>> +1 on taking this one out, for same reasons.
>> I *am* worried about the encryption test failures, is anyone looking 
>> at these?
>> David
>> Mike Matrigali wrote:
>>> I have seen this fail 5 or 6 times in the last 2 weeks.  I haven't
>>> seen any new requests for more information, from the discussion on
>>> the jira item it seems like the issue is understood (though not the
>>> solution).
>>> My quesion is since no new info seems to be gained by having it
>>> fail in other environments, and since there is an assigned person
>>> working on the problem, is it time to remove this test from nightly
>>> runs (or maybe from specific environments)?
>>> It seems like a number of items are lingering on the regression
>>> test suite list.  I believe from the discussion a few weeks ago
>>> the goal was to work toward shrinking this list to 0, unless there
>>> was a good reason to keep a known failing test running in the
>>> nightly suite.  Especially ones where there is someone assigned, it
>>> seems reasonable to take the test out unless the assigned person
>>> wants it run.
>>> /mikem

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