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From "David W. Van Couvering" <David.Vancouver...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: Cleaning up test failures
Date Thu, 19 Jan 2006 23:24:52 GMT
I would like to have an email list set up that sends out test results, 
for those of us who would like a "push" model to see what's going on. 
Personally I would want to see test failures sent to derby-dev.  If you 
don't like seeing them, you can filter them out, but I think it's good 
for the developers to have awareness of what's going on.

I think that combined with logging JIRA issues would be good.  We could 
use Kathey's idea to get a report on open test bugs by filtering on the 
right component.

Looking at JIRA, there is already a component type called Test.  Can we 
use that, or is this different?


Mike Matrigali wrote:
> +1
> I like the idea of adding a new component to JIRA, and to encourage 
> anyone who sees a problem in test run to file an issue there.  I believe
> it is already the case that a JIRA should be reported for any nightly 
> test failure, adding the component will just make it much easier to 
> track.  I would
> encourage anyone to quickly report the problem even if it means not
> providing the level of detail one would usually add to a bug 
> description.  Adding any more information after investigating is always 
> appreciated, but the quicker the community sees the issue maybe the 
> quicker it will get fixed and at least others can add more info such as 
> they also see it in different environments or it passed for them in xyz
> environment.
> A new component makes it very easy to see in JIRA the browse project 
> page will automatically highlight the category and allow one to one 
> click see outstanding test issues.
> Having said this I am not opposed to any of the proposed email or wiki 
> pages, but I think it is important to use JIRA to track the issues so 
> they don't get lost.  It would be nice if any high level test failure 
> reporting could somehow refer to associated JIRA entry's for details.
> Kathey Marsden wrote:
>> Daniel John Debrunner wrote:
>>>> In order to increase awareness, I am proposing that an email is sent to
>>>> derby-dev after each tinderbox and nightly test run sending out the 
>>>> test
>>>> results.  
>> The thing about such mails is:
>> 1) They do not have enough historical context.
>> 2) People in general get used to ignoring what they see everyday, a mail
>> that says "nightly test report"
>> I like Mike's idea of using Jira and it would conform to our distributed
>> model and get these issues the attention the deserve.
>> 1) Add component "regression test failure"
>> 2)  Whoever is running/checking results will  either
>>     1) File a new issue for new failures. Put the name of the test in
>> the summary.
>>         Include  environment information, diff in the bug and put in
>> component:
>>        "regression test failure".   Any probable suspect submissions can
>> be pointed out.
>>       2) Add a comment to old issues that the test failed that day.
>> This will get the attention of those who need to really look at the
>> issue and provide clear tracking of when
>> the issue first started, how often intermittent issues occur and when
>> the issue is resolved. Also folks can
>> run  a quick query to see if their failure  is a known issue.
>> Kathey

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