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From "David W. Van Couvering" <David.Vancouver...@Sun.COM>
Subject Failures in latest revisions
Date Wed, 18 Jan 2006 19:54:21 GMT
I got some test failures in derbynetclient mats, so I checked the 
tinderbox.  We have quite a number of failures on the latest revision 
that ran tests, 370061, running on Solaris 10 x86:


derbylang: 1 failure
derbytools: 1 failure
encryptionBlowfish: 1 failure
i18nTest: 1 failure
jdbcapi: 1 failure
derbynetclientmats: 3 failures
derbynetmats: 2 failures
encryptionAll: 2 failures
encryptoin: 1 failure

derbyall: 12 failures

This seems a bit much; it's hard for a developer to know if their own 
changes are valid as you have to sift through all the existing failures. 
  The last Solaris 10 x86 regression test run on revision 369861 had 
only 2 failures.

Looking at the derbyall history, at least on XP it seems to be getting 
worse and worse (from 7 failures on 1/6 to 12 failures on 1/17).  On 
Solaris 10 it's gone from 1 failure to 5 failures, while on Linux it's 
stayed steady.

Can those of us who have checked in/contributed patches lately please 
look at the failures and see if you recognize what might be causing them?

Also: is anybody keeping an eye on these and raising a flag if the tests 
start failing?  I thought we had a pretty strict rule that we should 
have 100% pass on derbyall.



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