I am not a committer. But, I am curious about why you don't have a "No Logo" option or a "Wait for more submissions" option.

Firstly, I think that they name "Derby" is a reference to racing, which implies that the product is fast. This is a good association. However, most entries seem to be based on that fact that "derby" *could* also refer to a type of hat that most people have absolutely no knowledge of. I don't see how this allusion to obscure trivia is useful to the project. Besides that, there are already major, successful open-source projects using hat logos (Red Hat and Fedora). Therefore, I believe that the hat logos are all fundamentally unhelpful, regardless of their impressive artistic merits.

Secondly, it seems like this logo idea was just conceived a very short time ago. The next version of Derby won't be released for some time. I don't understand why these kinds of marketing decisions cannot be deferred to a time closer to the release date. Since there is no pressing need for a logo, I think that it makes sense to wait for a really spectacular submission, even if it doesn't happen immediately.

Thirdly, I think that you would get a much broader (and potentially better) set of submissions if this was announced in forums that are oriented towards graphic design. Just like I wouldn't ask the population of a woodworking convention to design lingerie, I don't think it is a good idea to ask a mailing list consisting almost exclusively of programmers to create artwork.

Finally, I don't understand why every project needs to have a logo in the first place. Out of the following databases, how many of them have a logo that made enough of an impression on you that you could sketch it: SQL Server, DB2, Oracle, Firebird, PostgreSQL, MySQL, HSQL? Furthermore, none of the API's that I use on a regular basis have any logo worth noting.

- Brian

On 12/2/05, David W. Van Couvering <David.Vancouvering@sun.com> wrote:
This is a vote for choosing a logo for Apache Derby.

Rules of engagement:

- Please vote for one and only one logo.

- Respond to both derby-dev and derby-all and put an X to the logo of
your choice

- Please vote only once.  Multiple votes by the same person will be

- The vote will follow DB project guidelines at
http://db.apache.org/decisions.html .  Anyone can cast a vote, but only
committers have binding votes.

- Only entries submitted to the JIRA item DERBY-297 will be considered.

- The list of logos is officially frozen to those on this ballot.  Logos
added later will not be considered in the vote.

- If no logo has more than 50% of the votes, there will be a runoff vote
of the top three vote getters.

- Voting closes at 12:00 noon Pacific Standard Time (GMT-8) on
Wednesday, December 7


Logo candidates (place an X by your choice).

1. [ ]

2. [ ]

3. [ ]

4. [ ]

5. [ ]

6. [ ]

7. [ ]

8. [ ]

9. [ ]

10. [ ] (these all belong together...)

11. [ ]