Let us look at the issues and some assumptions. A solution may follow from it and this definitely needs some debate. The assumptions here are my proposals only.
  1. My current proposal (attached to Jira) would allow migrating databases from legacy security mode into sqlStandard mode, but not the otherway.
  2. It is preferred to avoid change in behavior to existing applications that may be using defaultConnectionMode.
  3. Current default value for defaultConnectionMode is 'fullAccess' and not going to be changed to sqlStandard for 10.2 release. I do think some feedback on how sqlStandard mode is working is needed before any changes.
  4. It is possible to have some databases in legacy security mode and some in sqlStandard mode in any installation.
  5. sqlStandard mode is likely going to be the default mode at some in the future and likely preferred if not the only mode at long time later.
Are these the likely goals for a solution? We could use derby.database.propertiesOnly to override system properties with database properties, but that would change all properties, right?


Daniel John Debrunner wrote:
I'm not sure about this, I can't find what Satheesh is refering to when
he said 'Dan raised an important question ...'.

I found one comment by me in the thread where I was talking about system
properties in general.

Databases do have an existing way to override system properties, by
setting the database property derby.database.propertiesOnly