On Dec 21, 2005, at 9:13 PM, Jean Morissette wrote:

I try to figure how the test harness works, however I don't

understand how the classpath is set.  It seems to be set from a system

property named "classpath".  However, running the class RunTest in

debug mode, the property "classpath" is null!  So the execution fail.

Also, if I change the property name for "java.class.path" instead of

"classpath", the test classpath is set to that of the running JVM. 

However, this also don't work because there are some whitespaces (by

exemple, C:\Program Files\...) in the classpath that the

jvm.getCommandLine() method doesn't expect (because this method

tokenizes with whitespace).

So, my question is how to specify the classpath to run a test? 

Hi Jean,

The test harness uses the classpath for the JVM which executes RunTest or RunSuite. I had thought that paths with spaces would be acceptable, but if not, you will need to alter your classpath to use canonical paths for Windows, such as "C:\Progra~1\MyDir~1\derby.jar"

In case you didn't find it, please also see the testing readme file at:


and let us know if you continue to have difficulty running the tests.