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From Andrew McIntyre <mcintyr...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Comments/questions on release instructions
Date Tue, 06 Dec 2005 23:01:59 GMT
On 11/26/05, Kathey Marsden <kmarsdenderby@sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> For, I have not yet done step 18 for Maven

Looks to be taken care of by Jeremy. Thanks, Jeremy!

> or step 20 to tag the release (see questions below )

Taken care of by me. I left out the 'code' part of the URL. I'll
update the wiki.

> I think it would be good for the clobber target to clean up the jars and
> other release target files or provide an alternate target for cleanup.

If there are no complaints, I'll add the jars and javadoc output
directories to the clobber target.

> Having gone through it once, I think I could muddle through it again except for the
> final edits of the html file  (step 17) which still seem pretty mysterious to me.

Hoepfully by the next time we have a release, we will be using Forrest
0.8 which fixes the underlying issue, FOR-480.

> Step 2
> There seems to be some sort of problem with the sanity state.

Filed DERBY-744 for this.

> Step 8
> This step suggests using the docs at /www/db.apache.org/derby/docs/.  It
> was not clear to me whether this would have the latest bug fixes.  Does it?

I clarified that this is only an option for the trunk.

> Step 9.
> In general if we get the sign target working I think it would be better
> for the target to use md5sum instead of md5 as it is more widely available.

The instructions do say to edit packaging.tmpl to provide appriopriate
defaults for your system. The various options of md5 / md5sum are not
standardized across platforms.

> step 16
> The plugins are built with the build number in the name. That needs to
> be removed to match the convention of the other files on the release
> pages or perhaps the build should change.

I'll leave this to the Eclipse plugin folks. I thought that Eclipse
plugin build numbers were somewhat standardized among Eclipse plugins.

> There is no "current" link for the plugins is that ok?

It's ok, but it wouldn't hurt to add one, either.

> step 17

Thanks for all the feedback, I've added all of this information to the wiki.

> Step 18 (Deploy to Maven repository)

Jeremy, or anyone familiar with this process, do you think you could
flesh out this section a little more?

> Step 20
> I think there is a problem with this format or perhaps I misunderstood
> it. An example would be good.
> Do doc and code need to be tagged separately?

Yes, updated the wiki with the proper URLs.

> Step 21
> I think for either  major/minor release we need a branch but this seems
> late in the process. I think it makes  sense to make the branch right
> before  the first release candidate, so that the beta flag can be turned
> off.

Yes, this is true. I've moved that section up and added a note about
the beta flag.

> Step 22
> For a bug fix release, the version should have already been bumped as
> soon as the release candidate was posted, so no need to bump the last digit.
> For major/minor releases, the 1st or 2nd digit should be bumped
> appropriately after making the branch, based on plans for the next
> release.  This could be included in the step to make the branch I think.

Yep, fixed on the wiki.

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