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From Andrew McIntyre <mcintyr...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Please put Derby in the Maven repository
Date Fri, 02 Dec 2005 01:13:14 GMT

On Dec 1, 2005, at 4:49 PM, sissonj@insession.com wrote:

> The Geronimo project would like to upgrade to Derby but we  
> need the Derby JARs placed in the Maven repository.
> From memory Jeremy Boynes checked in some Maven files into the  
> maven directory that allow you to do this.  Note that the  
> project.xml file will probably need to be edited to set the correct  
> version for the release.
> Placing the JARs in the Maven repository probably needs to be  
> documented as part of the project's release procedures, as this  
> didn't happen at release time for the previous ( release.

Hi John,

Thanks for mentioning it. Could you please add a detailed procedure  
to the DerbySnapshotOrRelease wiki page:


See step 18 for "Deploy to Maven repository." I just copied what  
Jeremy sent in his last mail on the subject around the  
release time. Could you please update this and add any details  
necessary to actually complete the deployment, taking into account  
that the person doing the deploying may have never used maven before?

Kathey Marsden got to this step in the release instructions and  
wasn't sure what to do. Clearly these instructions are not  
sufficient, since the key part, the maven multiproject:deploy target,  
had been disabled as mentioned by Jeremy. Since I didn't do it last  
time either, I was unable to help her. It seems like someone who is  
already experienced with maven could flesh this out a lot faster than  
one of us groping around for the right settings in the right places.


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