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From Army <qoz...@sbcglobal.net>
Subject Re: Is it possible that DERBY-491 and DERBY-614 are related?
Date Tue, 13 Dec 2005 16:32:22 GMT
Bryan Pendleton wrote:
> Given the code reading and debugger stepping that I've done so far, I don't
> think that I've introduced any new chaining behaviors in the server. From
> what I can tell by reading the traces  -- I'm still practicing this 
> skill -- the chaining is being performed properly by the post-614 server
> code.

Okay great, thanks much for taking the time check.

> I think that the best next step would be for me to pick one or two of
> these "continuation" bugs and try to work them through in greater detail.

That would be wonderful!

> Do you know if anyone is currently working on any of these bugs? Do you
> have a suggestion about which bug or bugs might be the best first ones for
> me to take a stab at?

To my knowledge no one is actively working on any of the issues you 
mentioned--and none of them have been assigned (except for 745, which is 
assigned to you), so that does indeed seem to be the case.  (Hopefully anyone 
who might know otherwise will read this email and post...)

As for which one might be the best choice, it's hard to say.  DERBY-170 seems 
like the "simplest" scenario in terms of what it takes to reproduce the problem, 
so one could speculate that a fix there might be nice and might provide insight 
into the other issues (maybe).  Otherwise, 491 or 492 might be a good choice 
since both of them deal with stored procedures and thus a fix for one might, 
with any luck, lead quickly to a fix for the other, as well.  Also, you've 
already started looking at the traces for DERBY-491, so you've got a head start 
in that direction.  But really, I think it'd be great if you were willing to 
look at any of these continuation issues: it's definitely an area where we've 
seen some problems, so to fix any of them would be a great help.

Thanks for all of the excellent work,

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