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From Daniel John Debrunner <...@debrunners.com>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Apache Derby logo
Date Tue, 06 Dec 2005 23:02:47 GMT
Francois Orsini wrote:
> I agree with Jeremy and hence why I picked #1 submission - theme looks
> nice...I'm NOT just looking at the graphics per-se (we all know the
> graphics can be improved once a theme and design has been
> approved/voted)...A hat without a feather (i.e. Apache)  might be
> representing Derby but _not_ Apache Derby (I know am just scratching my
> itch here ;) but I wanted to mention it...content is more important than
> visual at this state and it's my own opinion...

I see your point, but the vote is for a specific logo, not a theme. If
the winner was #1, that would be the logo, we would not be waiting
around for a better graphic.

If someone subsequently supplied a better looking graphic along the same
theme, then we could adopt it, but it would be another vote. (I think).

In fact it's exactly the same if some logo wins and someone subsequently
provides a great logo with a completely different theme, Derby could
switch to that new logo, again with a vote.

I don't believe the Apache feather should be a requirement, probably
about a third of apache project logos do not include the Apache feather,
in any form.

E.g. tomcat


I like the way Spam Assassin includes the feather,
it's actually incorporated into the deisgn, not just "dropped in".


I think it's amusing that the only(?) Apache project with the term
graphics in its name, has, in my view, the most "busy", awkward looking
logo. :-)



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