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From "Jean T. Anderson" <...@bristowhill.com>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Apache Derby logo
Date Mon, 05 Dec 2005 16:52:59 GMT
Brian Smith wrote:
> ... 
> Secondly, it seems like this logo idea was just conceived a very short 
> time ago. The next version of Derby won't be released for some time.

Actually the idea for a logo has been kicking around for over a year. If 
  I remember right, the suggestion was made a couple months after Derby 
started incubation.  --I'll see if I can dig up that old post.

As is the way with many of these volunteer projects, energy goes up and 
down depending on what else might be happening at the time. David had 
the itch and energy to poke the idea alive -- and I'm glad he did.

> I
> don't understand why these kinds of marketing decisions cannot be 
> deferred to a time closer to the release date. Since there is no 
> pressing need for a logo, I think that it makes sense to wait for a 
> really spectacular submission, even if it doesn't happen immediately.

It isn't a marketing decision. In my opinion, it's just plain fun.

> Thirdly, I think that you would get a much broader (and potentially 
> better) set of submissions if this was announced in forums that are 
> oriented towards graphic design. Just like I wouldn't ask the population 
> of a woodworking convention to design lingerie, I don't think it is a 
> good idea to ask a mailing list consisting almost exclusively of 
> programmers to create artwork.

Getting a logo from within the community makes it more special in my 

--Incidently, I think we have some excellent, professional, attractive 
submissions. In fact, I'm having trouble choosing. Of course, it's 
important for you to state your opinion that you don't find any of these 
to your liking. We really do want to hear what everyone thinks.

> Finally, I don't understand why every project needs to have a logo in 
> the first place. Out of the following databases, how many of them have a 
> logo that made enough of an impression on you that you could sketch it: 
> SQL Server, DB2, Oracle, Firebird, PostgreSQL, MySQL, HSQL? Furthermore, 
> none of the API's that I use on a regular basis have any logo worth noting.

Take a look at the other Apache projects. Many have logos, though not all.

It isn't necessary -- some of us just think it would be nice.


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