On 11/4/05, ōystein GrÝvlen <Oystein.Grovlen@sun.com> wrote:
>>>>> "SF" == Stephen Fitch <051933f@acadiau.ca> writes:

    SF> I agree with Francois. Booting  a database with a special client seems
    SF> needlessly complicated when it  can be externally specified outside of
    SF> an application.

I am not saying that a special client should be required.  I just
think it should be possible for an DBA to change database
configuration without having to change the application.

If I were to set up Derby in an client/server environment, I would be
sceptical of allowing any client/application to boot and shut down
databases.  It should be possible to require special authorization to
do such operations.

Yes and this usually what "Grant & Revoke" functionality enables you to do at the  "System Privileges"  level (i.e. System / Database start-up / shutdown operations).