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From John Embretsen <John.Embret...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: Building jars from source fails: "Manifest is invalid"
Date Wed, 16 Nov 2005 12:16:12 GMT
Monday, November 14, 2005, 9:01:38 PM, Andrew McIntyre wrote:

> No, it is the version of Subversion of the user running the buildjars
> target from the source distribution that matters, not the person  
> packaging the release. The manifest is generated by Ant at the time  
> that the buildjars target is run, not when the source distribution is  
> created.

> So, in this case, yes, the version of Subversion that you are running  
> is what makes the difference, and if you upgraded your Subversion to  
> 1.2.0 or later, you would be able to run the buildjars target as well  
> as if you had applied the patch that I sent.

> andrew

I know you are right - I tried the same thing on a machine which has
Subversion 1.2.3 installed, and it worked without applying the patch. It
just seemed a little "illogical" to me at first, because I never
explicitly associated svn with the source code in any way, I just
downloaded and extracted an archive and executed Ant.

I still don't quite understand how and why subversion is used in this
case. I don't know a lot about the inner workings of Ant, Subversion or
the Derby release- and build processes, so please bear with me. Would
you like to explain this briefly (if possible) to me? (I.e. the "how"
and "why" part, not the inner workings part ;) )
I assumed it has something to do with how the changenumber.properties file
is generated.



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