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From "David W. Van Couvering" <David.Vancouver...@Sun.COM>
Subject Foot-shooting with classloaders
Date Wed, 23 Nov 2005 00:41:46 GMT
A lesson (one that I will try to take to heart) in the kinds of horrible 
things one can do to oneself using classloaders.  This is about Jakarta 
Commons Logging (JCL).

Aside from the bugs this paper uncovers, it also has a great summary of 
the classloader delegation models and how they can be implemented.


 From the conclusion:

"As demonstrated above, JCL's discovery mechanism brings very new and 
original ways of shooting yourself in the foot. For example, with JCL 
you can shoot yourself in the foot while aiming at the sky. Thanks to 
JCL you can be hit by lightning in the middle of the desert when it's 
not raining. If your computing life is too dull and trouble is what you 
are looking for, then JCL is certainly the way to go."

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