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From Rick Hillegas <Richard.Hille...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: [jira] Updated: (DERBY-499) Expose BOOLEAN datatype to end users
Date Tue, 22 Nov 2005 15:32:28 GMT
Hi Dan,

Thanks for your comments. Some responses follow. Cheers-Rick

Daniel John Debrunner wrote:


>Derby has never supported BOOLEAN, so you are not re-enabling it. This
>might confuse readers of this spec.
I will wordsmith this.

>In order to support BOOLEAN data type according to SQL Standard 2003
>(feature T031) boolean literals need to be supported, and <boolean
>literal> includes UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN will also be a supported literal. I will note this in the spec.

>In the JDBC api section, I assume it means that this "In all other
>cases, DatabaseMetaData and ResultSetMetaData will report BOOLEAN
>columns as JDBC type java.sql.Types.SMALLINT." means the JDBC typid
>column will be Types.SMALLINT, but the SQL type name will continue to be
>BOOLEAN. E.g. ResultSetMetaData.getColumnNameType() will return
I don't understand what it means if type names don't agree with type 
codes. I was planning to report these columns as type code 
java.sql.Types.SMALLINT and type name "SMALLINT".

>Why Types.SMALLINT, and not Types.OTHER or Types.BIT?
I chose SMALLINT for a tactical reason:  It is the type currently used 
if the Derby client selects from one of our BOOLEAN-typed system 
columns. I'm hoping that this mapping will have fewer compatibility 
issues for existing applications.

>Can I also assume you meant "ResultSet.getXXX and
>CallableStatement.getXXX" methods?
Yes to the question about CallableStatement.getXXX(). I'm afraid I don't 
understand the question about ResultSet.getXXX().

>When you say "... getXXX ... setXXX methods will succeed", what exactly
>does that mean? How do the BOOLEAN values true and false map the
>numeric/string getXXX values, and how do numeric/string values map to
>true/false on the setXXX methods?
I will clarify this in the spec.

>"methods will succeed on BOOLEAN columns peeked and poked by Derby 10.2
>clients running on jdk1.4 or higher"
>Can I retrieve/set BOOLEAN values on other clients?
Yes. I will clarify this.

>Are you planning to support getObject/setObject?
These don't seem to be required by the JDBC spec.  I don't plan to put 
in any extra effort to make these work, but if they work for free, then 
I see no reason to disable them. In any event, when I'm done, I'll 
update the spec to describe how these methods behave.


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