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From Suresh Thalamati <suresh.thalam...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [jira] Updated: (DERBY-239) Need a online backup feature that does not block update operations when online backup is in progress.
Date Fri, 18 Nov 2005 07:30:42 GMT
Mike Matrigali wrote:
> I have tested this patch and reviewed the changes and
> have commited it as svn 345355.
> I have the following
> suggestions from review, and will look at any subsequent
> changes in these areas that Suresh would like to submit:
> o RawStore.java!canStartOnlineBackup() has a todo item - needs an 
> exception error to be thrown.

   Working on this one, tests needed some changes when exception is 
thrown. Deferred it to fix it along with tests changes for the fix to 
do commit/rollback after the  backup procedures.

> o will things like sort and temporary containers cause online
>   backup to wait if they are outstanding?  

Backup should wait only for the real containers with non-logged operation.

Does the pre-existing
>   backup cause sorts and temp tables to
>   be logged during online backup?
>   (these questions probably apply to BaseDataFileFactory.java)

Temp tables are not logged during the backup. I thought sort uses temp 
tables, will check on this one.

Please let me know if you notice any of my changes are not doing the 

> o could you pick one place in the code to describe how all the
>   routines work together to provide the functionality you need.
>   I think basically put the description that you have in the
>   JIRA for this patch somewhere in the code. The individual routines
>   have comments but it hard to see how they all work together
>   without one place descibing the interaction.

sure.  I can do that in the main backup() routine  in  RawStore.java.
In future may be backup code in RawStore.java  should moved into a 
different BackupFactory class.

> o as I was reviewing I fixed some >80 line stuff.
>  I know sometimes it is hard, but
>   at least stuff like comments is really easy.

hmm.. Thanks for fixing them. I better add some check to my emacs to 
avoid this in future.

> o may be interesting to add external sort testing and queries
>   that cause temp tables.  probably dependent on answer to above
>   question.

I will add a test case to make sure backup is not blocked on temp tables.


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