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From Satheesh Bandaram <sathe...@Sourcery.Org>
Subject Re: Derby-573 - optimizer overrides changes to metadata.properties and upgrade
Date Fri, 11 Nov 2005 18:19:56 GMT
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I think some of the metadata querries are saved on disk... When you are
in soft upgrade mode, those metadata querries in 10.1 database with
optimizer hints in previous format may have to be recognized. This is
because databases in soft upgrade mode should allow you to go back to
previous versions, if needed.<br>
Mamta Satoor wrote:<br>
  <div>I will have to admit my ignorance on soft&nbsp;upgrade. Can you point
me somewhere to understand what is involved in a soft upgrade and then
I will be able to answer your question?</div>
  <div><span class="gmail_quote">On 11/11/05, <b
 class="gmail_sendername">Mike Matrigali</b> &lt;<a
  <blockquote class="gmail_quote"
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the case of soft upgrade (ie. the case where there are no changes<br>
to the metadata.properties) will you be disabling the new optimizer
Mamta Satoor wrote:<br>
&gt; Hi,<br>
&gt; The patch for optimizer overrides includes changes in<br>
&gt; metadata.properties. I think this change in metadata.properties is
&gt; to require some form of upgrade code so that the sql text stored
in the
&gt; systems tables can be replaced with new sql text which uses this
&gt; form of optimizer overrides.<br>
&gt; I wondered if anyone can give me some pointers on how to get
&gt; with upgrade code to achieve this. In the mean time, I will start
&gt; looking into it too.<br>
&gt; thanks,<br>
&gt; Mamta<br>

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