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From Daniel John Debrunner <...@debrunners.com>
Subject Re: [jira] Updated: (DERBY-231) "FOR UPDATE" required for updatable result set to work
Date Fri, 04 Nov 2005 15:31:08 GMT
Andreas Korneliussen wrote:

> Based on the comments from you and Bernt, I would suggest a new comment
> like:
> According to the SQL-standard:
> If updatability is not specified, a SELECT * FROM T will be implicitely
> read only in the context of a cursor which is insensitive, scrollable or
> have an order by clause. Otherwise it is implicitely updatable.
> In Derby, we make a SELECT * FROM T updatable if the concurrency mode is
> ResultSet.CONCUR_UPDATE. If we do make all SELECT * FROM T  updatable
> by default, we cannot use an index on any single-table select, unless it
> was declared FOR READ ONLY. This would be pretty terrible, so we are
> breaking the ANSI rules. Later, we may have an ANSI compatibility mode
> so we can pass the NIST tests.

Looks good, I would remove the last sentence, there would be no need for
a compatibility mode and not something I would like to see. Derby is
supporting a subset of what the standard allows. We could support the
correct behaviour with no correctness issues with backwards
compatibility, as long as the performance issues were addressed.

Bernt wrote:
> Dan wrote:
>>but it would be good to come to clear agreement on if SELECT * FROM
>>> T can be updated with a positioned update/delete and a read-only
>>> ResultSet. (Even if Derby doesn't support it today, it would be nice
>>> to know or not if it is meant to be supported).
> It definitely would mean lower performance due to locking issues.

Though some work was already done on this to ensure a simple FOR UPDATE
with no column list added for locking behaviour did not degrade
performance. I'd have to research the details, but it's in the code.


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