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From Bryan Pendleton <bpendle...@amberpoint.com>
Subject Help interpreting derbyall_report.txt
Date Wed, 02 Nov 2005 22:02:33 GMT
I've now got my development environment set up properly,
I think, and I've run 'derbyall' multiple times.

I'm trying to interpret my results, to see if I have a
successful run. I appear to have skipped some number
of tests, and I appear to have two failing tests.

Can somebody who's more familiar with the test suite have
a look and tell me:

1) Is it OK that I skipped these tests?
2) What might have caused the two test failures that I had?

One failure was that in derbynetclientmats/DerbyNetNewServer,
I am missing the line "PASSED" at the end of my output.

The other failure is that in derbynetmats/DerbyNetAutoStart,
I appeared to get an InterruptedException for one of the
threads unexpectedly.

I should mention that I am running with the following 2-line
change for DERBY-569 in my path, so it is entirely possible
that I have somehow caused these two test failures. If so,
I'm hoping somebody can help me understand why :)

-bash-2.05b$ diff ClientThread.orig ClientThread.java
<                               parent.consolePropertyMessage("DRDA_ConnNumber.I",
 >                               if (parent.getLogConnections())
 >                                   parent.consolePropertyMessage("DRDA_ConnNumber.I",

My derbyall_report.txt is attached, as are the .out and .tmp
files for the two failing tests.



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