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From Jeff Levitt <de...@mylevita.com>
Subject Re: [doc] ditaot in derby svn base feedback / external docs doc
Date Sat, 12 Nov 2005 07:26:07 GMT
Just wanted to provide an update on my status for
those following this discussion.  I had planned to
update the DITA-OT 1.0.2 xsl files to include my mods
so that we could move those to the ant build, but I
have been unable to do much lately due to health
problems (back injury).  I was able to chop together a
new mod tonight and test it briefly with the Getting
Started Guide, and it seems to work.  I am attaching
the files I needed to change in the DITA-OT1.0.2
build.  I would have created a patch but I dont think
we've checked these in yet under the Apache ASL?  Is
that what the plan is?  Anyways, my changes are mainly
to the xsl/dita2fo-shell.xsl file, but there are two
lines that I also had to change, one each in the
build.xml and conductor.xml files in the root
directory of the dita 1.0.2 build.  I basically
changed a line in both of them to recognize dita files
as having .dita file extensions instead of .xml file
extensions.  A minor change, but it must be done or
else any inline links within a pdf file to another
point in the pdf do not work.

So these should work, but not in our current setup,
since Andrew had made some changes of his own to the
ant build to specialize it for the Derby manuals. 
Andrew, I think you'll have to make those changes
again.  But you can start with my mods in these files
as a baseline.  

Let me know if there is anything else you need or any
questions you have and I'll do my best to get back to
you as soon as possible.


--- "David W. Van Couvering"
<David.Vancouvering@Sun.COM> wrote:

> I don't know what the "OT" is, but I'm assuming it's
> some kind of open 
> source definitions for DITA?  Anyway, my general
> sense is Maven is the 
> preferred approach, but I have no information beyond
> that, having never 
> used Maven.
> Are you guys planning to get the OT changes back
> into the main DITA 
> source base at some point, or are we always going to
> have a "fork" of 
> the OT?  What is delaying getting these changes back
> in?
> Regarding a page with references to external specs,
> that sounds great! 
> Note that the SQL specs I think require a purchase.
> Thanks,
> David
> scott hutinger wrote:
> > I wanted to get the build of the docs finished so
> everyone can build 
> > what is currently being used.  Jeff Levit has some
> changes he made that 
> > are not incorporated in the dita toolkit.  Also, I
> would like to get the 
> > build up with the current svn number etc.  I had
> one method of doing 
> > this, but think possibly Andrew was thinking of
> another method.  I also 
> > think I had ant do most of it in one version of
> this.
> > 
> > What I would like to do is get some feedback on
> the direction that 
> > everyone thinks should be taken.
> > 
> > 1) Since the Dita OT has an apache license, some
> or all of the source 
> > can be put in svn.  If we used a Maven build,
> maven could download and 
> > we could patch with Derby changes to the ot, or we
> could just bring the 
> > whole code base into svn and make changes this
> way.  I normally don't 
> > think this way, so wasn't sure what the current
> best method would be.  
> > Any ideas?  This could also be done without maven
> another way...  Is 
> > maven the prefered build or is this not an issue
> at this point in time?
> > 
> > 2) The latest alpha files on the website always
> have an old build date.  
> > I am uncertain if they don't get built after
> changes, if they go through 
> > a build daily, or if they don't go through a build
> at all.  It might 
> > also be that a hard coded date is in the dita ot.
> > 
> > Any feedback is very welcome, as DITAOT changed
> the license quite some 
> > time ago; and this should be used.
> > 
> > I think the main feedback is: how should the
> DITAOT source be handled 
> > with Jeffs and any other changes that are not
> within the DITAOT source 
> > base yet?
> > 
> > Also not releated, it might be nice to get some
> type of external 
> > reference document.  I noticed that Army had some
> external docs on the 
> > wiki on DRDA(from The Open Group) etc..  I think
> some other good 
> > external docs exist too.  I think it would be nice
> to gather all of 
> > these in a document with a bit of information on
> the documents 
> > themselves etc... (i.e. to download 'The Open
> Group' documents for DRDA, 
> > you need to do x/y/z to get them etc...).  Myself
> being one of those 
> > typical developers that get's a lot of help from
> those external docs.  I 
> > think a lot of developers don't really know that
> much about SQL 
> > standards etc (myself being one), so those
> external docs are VERY helpful.
> > 
> > thanks,
> > scott
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