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From Andrew McIntyre <mcintyr...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [doc] DITA-OT in Derby svn
Date Wed, 16 Nov 2005 17:41:14 GMT

On Nov 16, 2005, at 7:49 AM, Jean T. Anderson wrote:

> so, it sounds more like you want the ease-of-use of a maven plug-in  
> where it's acquired and expanded on demand.

Yes and no. It has to be expanded simply because Ant can't access the  
xml files while they're in the jar. And we have to merge our modified  
file into the expanded toolkit.

> Actually, I suggest first that you check with infrastructure@  
> (since you're already subscribed) to see if they're ok with  
> distribution -- how big is the zip file? Is this a case where we  
> should consider using maven instead?

The zip is 2.5MB. Since we'd be distributing it, at best, to a subset  
of Derby developers (some set of less than 47 people, judging by the  
registered JIRA users) I wouldn't think that bandwidth/load would be  
an issue. It's not as though Derby users would be checking it out  
from subversion, where the number of downloads would be open-ended  
and quite possibly a high number.

Is maven the right answer? I don't know. If you think so, I'll look  
into it.


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