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From Mayur Naik <...@cs.stanford.edu>
Subject missing synchronization in Connection.java
Date Wed, 12 Oct 2005 08:04:26 GMT


I'm not sure if this is the right mailing list to post this.  I'm a PhD 
student in Computer Science at Stanford University and I'm evaluating a 
static race detection tool I've developed on open source programs.  I ran 
it to check the implementation of the java.sql.Connection interface in 
Derby and found 76 races, see:


The races are due to 12 missing synchronization's in


In particular, the following methods need to be synchronized:

boolean getAutoCommit()
boolean isClosed()
int getTransactionIsolation()
java.sql.SQLWarning getWarnings()
java.sql.DatabaseMetaData getMetaData()
boolean isReadOnly()
String getCatalog()
java.util.Map getTypeMap()
int getHoldability()
java.sql.PreparedStatement prepareStatement(String, int)
java.sql.PreparedStatement prepareStatement(String, int[])
java.sql.PreparedStatement prepareStatement(String, String[])

Lack of synchronization in these methods can lead to unexpected behavior, 
for instance, the race:


is between the accesses to field warnings_ on lines 1614 and 0865:

1610     public void accumulateWarning(SqlWarning e) {
1611         if (warnings_ == null) {
1612             warnings_ = e;
1613         } else {
1614             warnings_.setNextException(e);
1615         }
1616     }

0864     public void clearWarningsX() throws SqlException {
0865         warnings_ = null;
0866         accumulated440ForMessageProcFailure_ = false;
0867         accumulated444ForMessageProcFailure_ = false;
0868         accumulatedSetReadOnlyWarning_ = false;
0869     }

The latter method is called by clearWarnings(), which is synchronized, but 
the former method is called by 2 prepareStatement methods along paths 
which aren't sycnhronized.  In particular, you can follow the "up" links 
in the above report and see that accumulateWarning(SqlWarning) is called 
by downgradeResultSetType(int) which is called by prepareStatementX(...) 
which is called by:

java.sql.PreparedStatement prepareStatement(String, int)
java.sql.PreparedStatement prepareStatement(String, String[])

Hence, if clearWarnings() and one of these prepareStatement methods are 
executed concurrently in separate threads on the same Connection object, 
there may be a null pointer exception.  I don't know if such scenarios are 
possible, but the presence of synchronization in several methods in 
Connection.java suggests so.

I would be happy if you could confirm/refute these bugs.  Also, if you are 
interested in hearing about additional possible synchronization issues in 
Derby, I can check all of the Derby source code for races -- please let me 

-- Mayur

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