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From Daniel John Debrunner <...@debrunners.com>
Subject Re: VOTE: Principles of sharing code
Date Fri, 28 Oct 2005 22:06:40 GMT
David W. Van Couvering wrote:

> One could raise the concern that code shared between network client and
> network server should be in a different jar file so that the embedded
> footprint doesn't grow unnecessarily.  But I don't see where you would
> ever run a different version of the network server and the network
> client in the same VM.  So if there is code that is common between the
> network server and the network client, I argue that that can safely be
> embedded in derbyclient.jar and derbynet.jar.

Running the client and server at different versions within a jvm is what
 the whole dicussion has been about. Or, maybe, the example has been the
client and the embedded engine, but I've been assuming that meant the
server as well.


client (v1) for application A
embedded (v3)  for application B

is the same as

client(v1) for application A
embedded (v3) + server (v3)  for application B

for the purposes of this discussion.


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