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From Rick Hillegas <Richard.Hille...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: DERBY-516 patch review, pt. 1
Date Tue, 25 Oct 2005 23:16:32 GMT
Hi Andrew,

Thanks for being patient here. Some responses follow. Cheers-Rick

>I still currently cannot get the JDBCDriverTest class to compile. The
>problem is that compile.classpath is not guaranteed to be a certain
>level of jdk, and JDBCDriverTest needs to be compiled against JDK 1.3.
>compile.classpath needs to be overridden in certain circumstances, for
>instance when building with J2ME support, with Gump, or on Mac OS X,
>and it is not guaranteed to be the same as java13compile.classpath.
>The problem I'm currently having can be fixed by simply changing
>$[compile.classpath} in the <classpath> element of the <javac> in the
>build.xml of tests/compatibility to ${java13compile.classpath}

I will make this change.

>Also, whomever is going to commit the patch needs to be sure that an
>empty master file is created in functionTests/master. My patch program
>skipped over the empty diff without creating an empty patch file.

I will have to leave this to David to verify. Unless I'm mis-reading the 
patch output, it seems that my patch does contain an empty master file.

>>>7 - The default values in testScript.xml for the locations of the
>>>JVMs are not applicable to Mac OS X (an itchy platform for me). I'll
>>>follow up on this later.
>>If you can tell me what to use here, I'll make the changes.
>I'll get back to you on that. The structure of the JDK directories is
>different on Mac OS X than on Windows, Solaris or Linux, and I believe
>the same is true for some other platforms. It looks like I can work
>around it by directly setting some of the properties set at the
>beginning of the file in my ant.properties.


>If you can fix the first problem listed above, and resend the patch,
>then I'm ok with David or someone else committing it. Or, I can commit
>the patch as I have it modified in my local view with the one line

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