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From TomohitoNakayama <tomon...@basil.ocn.ne.jp>
Subject Broken hyperlinks in demo/demo.html (Re: potential release candidate)
Date Sun, 23 Oct 2005 14:46:54 GMT
Hello .
I think this is trivial as phenomena.
//Well, I hope this to be good example of reporting problem to this 
release candidate :-)

I found hyperlinks in demo\demo.html was broken.

Broken hyperlinks were found in next sentence :
This directory contains example programs. For a complete description, 
see Getting Started with Apache Derby 
<http://incubator.apache.org/derby/docs/getstart/> and the Apache Derby 
Server and Administration Guide 

Getting Started with Apache Derby 
<http://incubator.apache.org/derby/docs/getstart/> and
Apache Derby Server and Administration Guide 
<http://incubator.apache.org/derby/docs/adminguide/> seem to be expired 
link .

I wonder how I should enter this to JIRA as issue of this our release 
candidate .
There seems to be no version of in JIRA yet .

Best regards.

Kathey Marsden wrote:

>I posted a  potential release candidate at:
>http://people.apache.org/~kmarsden/derby10.1.2rc/.  I'd appreciate
>feedback from anyone interested if this all looks good, since this is my
>first time putting together a release candidate.  derbyall ran cleanly
>on Sun jdk 1.4.2.  I  checked that the javadoc was there and checked
>that the doc directory and some contents were  there.  The doc did not
>have a top level index, just the directories for the individual
>manuals.  Is that correct?
> Andrew, please check it out and give it your official release manager
>thumbs up or thumbs down to proceed with testing.
>Two  things to note:
>1)   I signed the release manually, see below for details, so please
>double check that  it is  signed properly.
>2)  I did not build the derby-ui-plugin.   If someone with an interest
>in the ui plugin  builds it and posts it, I wiill sign and add it for
>the release.
>     It should be built at revision  327593 on the 10.1 branch. 
>Below are my notes on the instructions.
>Step 7)  
>        - The formatting of the commands is a little confusing.  Maybe
>separate commands with blank space.
>        - The class name for maintversion2props is wrong.  It  should be
>        -  It might be good to add to finalize the CHANGES file in this
>step so it gets checked in with the version update.
>Step 8)
>         - I could not modify the packaging.properties as instructed,
>because  it would cause a svn modified svn number in the release.  I 
>had to put docs in  /derby-docs-10.1/out   on the same drive as my
>client, to avoid  editting the file.
>Step 9)
>      - It might be good to add  a note  to check your classpath for
>osgi.jar for OSGI support and make sure jsr169compile.classpath is set
>for J2ME support.
>      - ant -Dsane=false snapshot  builds sane jars if I have sane set
>in my ant.properties.  Removing the property solved the problem..
>      - For the md5 phase of ant release on Windows,  I needed to create
>a batch file to change the mdsum output  format.    md5 does not seem to
>be generally available on Windows. It would be good to switch the build
>scripts to use md5sum or give a sample batch file for md5sum conversion
>to md5 -q output. 
>    - For the sign phase of ant release, gpg commands hung and did  not
>prompt for input. I attempted to run -verbose and enter my passphrase,
>but it did not advance to the next step and was presumably waiting for
>some other input.  Ultimately I gave up on the sign phase of the release
>target, aborted and  signed the release manually.  
>    -   Is there anything else  that happens after the md5 target
>besides signing the release?  Since I aborted the release target I want
>to make sure I didn't miss anything.
>    - Under creating checksums for the core plugin.  The md5 files are
>mistyped I think.  They should be derby_ui_plugin_[version].zip.md5  and
>derby_core_plugin_[version].zip.md5.  (If not I messed up on the release
>Step 11)
>   Seems to be a repeat of  step 6.
>Step 12)
> I think the last digit should be bumped after the distribution is
>posted based our discussion earlier that the last digit should be bumped
>after any snapshot or release candidate is made. 


        Tomohito Nakayama



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