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From David Van Couvering <David.Vancouver...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: VOTE: Shared Components Guidelines
Date Thu, 20 Oct 2005 19:52:26 GMT
This sounds appealing, but I was told that in an Apache open source
proejct like this we can't really have checkin policies, only guidelines?

I do think having compatibility tests will help ensure that these
guidelines are met, however.  I didn't think about a regression test to
catch massive jar file growth, that seems easy enough to add...


Kathey Marsden wrote On 10/20/05 09:46,:
> John Embretsen wrote:
>>David W. Van Couvering wrote:
>>>I can add this, but to answer real quickly, at this point there are
>>>no restrictions and no visible user impact.  
>>ly add a "no" between the words "be" and "visible" in the following
>>sentence in the "User Visible Impact and Restrictions" sectio
>>Then you should probabn:
>>"With these guidelines in place, there should in general be visible
>>impact or restrictions for Derby users."
> I think I would prefer to see a clear commitment  (without words like
> "should"  and "in general" ) that:
> There *will*  be no visible impact or restrictions for Derby users who
> have different versions of derbyclient.jar, derbytools.jar  and
> derby.jar  in the same JVM,  unless the jars are different major
> versions.  If the major versions differ,  classloaders need to be used
> to separate the versions.
> No visible impact  implies the following checkin requirements for any
> common code.
> -  derbyclient.jar, derby.jar, and derbytools.jar  of the same major
> version can continue to be mixed within the same JVM classpath without
> any difference  in behavior from loading these  jars in separate
> classloaders.
> -  Jar file growth is commensurate with functionality improvement.
> -  Replacing  any jar  with a jar of the same major version  will not
> require any user classpath changes.
> Is that what we are committing to? 
> Kathey

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