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From Daniel John Debrunner <...@debrunners.com>
Subject Re: Proposal for change in test harness & security manager
Date Wed, 19 Oct 2005 22:49:49 GMT
I just committed 326736 to the trunk which changes the test harness to
install a security manager for the JVM running the client side of a test
(embedded or network, sql or java test, unit tests as well).

Here's the commit comment.

DERBY-615 Change the test harness to run tests with a security manager
by default, using the same mechanism as used to install a security manager
for the separate network server process.
The security manager is not installed when any of the following are true:

 noSecurityManager=true is in the <testname>_app.properties file

 JCC (DB2 Universal Driver) is the JDBC client - this is a short term

 Tests where useProcess=false, e.g. nist suite - this is a short term

Update the policy file to allow most remaining tests to run using a
security manager.

If this causes too many issues then this (326736) is the fix to revert,
other changes under DERBY-615 should be ok. I have tested with jars and
non-jars, sane and insane but you never know. I'm in a training course
the next couple of days so may not be able to address any issues. If the
need to revert 326736 arises, then please go ahead and I will resolve
any of the issues before trying again.

I think at least 50% of the tests run with a security manager with this
change, I need to calculate the actual number.

To update Francois' concern about J2ME/CDC, currently the test suite
does not install a security manager for j9_foundation, this was the
existing behaviour. I've left this as-is in order to take a staged
approach, get clean runs under J2SE before moving onto J2ME/CDC. I did,
however, run J2ME/CDC with the security mananger enabled and most tests
seemed to pass. There were some failures but they may have been the same
as J2SE before I started disabling tests with noSecurityManager=true.


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