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From Daniel John Debrunner <...@debrunners.com>
Subject Re: in-memory
Date Tue, 11 Oct 2005 16:17:13 GMT
Norbert Toth-Gati wrote:

> Hi David,
> I have changed some mails with Stephen Fitch, he said he is working on this.
> If feature is requested so frequent, is it possible to hope it will
> get a higher priority and get some where in the front of the TODO
> list?

Derby is a community based open source project, so there really is no
priority to any item. People work on what interests them, the common
term is "scratching your own itch". If you want an item to have a
"higher priority" then the surest way is to get involved and help out on
that item. Your opportunities are almost unlimited, writing
documentation, reviewing code or documentation, writing code, writing
tests, testing the feature or even simply being involved in the
discussion, etc. Anything you can do, will help out that feature and
hopefully allow it to be completed quicker.

I think the TODO list will be going and Jira entries will reflect
requested items and those being worked on.


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