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From Fernanda Pizzorno <Fernanda.Pizzo...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: [jira] Commented: (DERBY-610) After commit, holdable result set cursor used in positioned update can't access row
Date Mon, 10 Oct 2005 09:22:33 GMT
Hi Daniel and Dag,

If we change the code uploaded by Dag and set autoCommit = true and 
removed the explicit commit before the positioned update, the same 
exception will be thrown because an implicit commit will happen right 
before the positioned update. Is that the correct behaviour? Is it so 
that it is not possible to modify a resultSet with positioned updates if 
autoCommit = true even when using holdability = HOLD_CURSORS_OVER_COMMIT?


Dag H. Wanvik wrote:

>Hi Dan,
>Daniel> I think the current behaviour is correct. After a commit the
>Daniel> result set is open but is not positioned on a row. The result
>Daniel> set must be re-positioned with a next() or other method before
>Daniel> acessing a row or modifying it with a positioned update or
>Daniel> delete. I think this may be from the SQL standard, or is it
>Daniel> the JDBC standard?
>Thanks, you may be right...I'll go hunt for it... 
>The problem in the present case, of course, is that a new next() would
>take you past the row for which an update was intended. Since forward
>only forbids relative(0), I can't see a way to reposition the row
>correctly in this case. With scrollable, updatable result sets it
>could possibly work, though (using relative(0)). Hmm. It seems less than
>orthogonal, in case what you suggest it accurate.
>Just tried to access the row using ResultSet#getInt(1) immediately
>after the commit(). That gave no error. Are you suggesting it should
>have done so?
>I also wonder what the cursor position would be "in the meantime",
>just after the commit? Prior to the initial next(), the cursor is defined
>to be immediately prior to the first row: so where is it just after a
>commit, if it does not stay "in place", in some limbo state?
>I'll go dig some more into it..
>Daniel> The bug 4515 (Cloudscape bug tracking system) was fixed, I think to return
the correct error as you are seeing.
>Daniel> > After commit, holdable result set cursor used in positioned update can't
 access row
>Daniel> > ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Daniel> >
>Daniel> >          Key: DERBY-610
>Daniel> >          URL: http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/DERBY-610
>Daniel> >      Project: Derby
>Daniel> >         Type: Bug
>Daniel> >   Components: SQL
>Daniel> >     Versions:
>Daniel> >     Reporter: Dag H. Wanvik
>Daniel> >     Priority: Minor
>Daniel> >  Attachments: Main.java
>Daniel> >
>Daniel> > Using the embedded driver, with autocommit off, and holdability for a
>Daniel> > updatable result set  (HOLD_CURSORS_OVER_COMMIT), I first
>Daniel> > position on a row in the result set, and then commit the
>Daniel> > transaction. The result set should still be open since holdability is
>Daniel> > active.  However, when accessing the result set using a named cursor
>Daniel> > in a subsequent "Positioned update" statement, Derby returns an error
>Daniel> > message: "Invalid cursor state - no current row" (SQLState 24000).
>Daniel> > Please see the self-contained repro case in the attachment for
>Daniel> > details.
>Daniel> > It appears the problem is related to reopening of holdable result sets
>Daniel> > after a commit. During normal use of result sets, the ResultSet#next()
>Daniel> > operation will make sure the result set is opened (after locks were
>Daniel> > released at commit time). Apparently no such reopening is performed in
>Daniel> > the "positioned update" case. (small detail: Note that in the
>Daniel> > "positioned update" case, the reopening is for accessing the current
>Daniel> > row (again), not the next - I am not sure if that matters, though).
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