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From Satheesh Bandaram <sathe...@Sourcery.Org>
Subject Re: updatable resultSet
Date Fri, 07 Oct 2005 21:49:01 GMT
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Looks good. Putting this info and linking existing and new Jira entries
for these would be useful.<br>
Any interest from anyone to address one or more of these?<br>
Dag H. Wanvik wrote:<br>
<blockquote cite="mid17222.43272.88328.821095@gargle.gargle.HOWL"
  <pre wrap="">Hi Kathey,

  <blockquote type="cite">
    <blockquote type="cite">
      <blockquote type="cite">
        <blockquote type="cite">
          <blockquote type="cite">
            <pre wrap="">"Kathey" == Kathey Marsden <a class="moz-txt-link-rfc2396E"
  <pre wrap=""><!---->
Kathey&gt; DERBY-605 currently seems to combine several issues and its summary is
Kathey&gt; not that descriptive of  what needs implementation.
Kathey&gt; I wonder should we have multiple  Jira entries that match the
Kathey&gt; functionality that needs implementation, one  for scrollable ResultSets
Kathey&gt; for large objects with  client, another for updatable ResultSets for
Kathey&gt; large objects with client,  etc.    Dag what are the various issues that
Kathey&gt; you see here, and how would you recommend breaking them up in Jira?
Kathey&gt; FYI, here is the doc page with the differences between client and
Kathey&gt; embedded for  updatable ResultSets.
Kathey&gt; <a class="moz-txt-link-freetext" href="http://db.apache.org/derby/docs/10.1/adminguide/radminappsresultsetdiffs.html">http://db.apache.org/derby/docs/10.1/adminguide/radminappsresultsetdiffs.html</a>

Yes, I agree with you, we need to break this (JIRA-605) down in several
issues. Here is one way:
	1 Forward-only updatable, update: 
	  1.1 c/s: lobs
	2 Forward-only updatable, update: 
	  2.1 c/s: remaining problems in update{String, Bytes, Time, Object}  
	3 Forward-only updatable, insert: now JIRA-100 , could split this in three:
	  3.1 embedded
	  3.2 c/s minus lobs
	  3.3 c/s lobs

	4 scrollable updatable sensitive
	  4.1 embedded (incl lobs)
	  4.2 c/s minus lobs
	  4.3 c/s lobs

        5 scrollable updatable insensitive (if we ever want do that)

I would assume 3.1 and 4.1 could include lobs. We can cross-link all
of these to 605.  Does 2.1 need splitting? Maybe Mamta can comment on
that?  Scrollable updatable (4.2) will face the problems under 2.1 also,
but any solution should carry over, I suppose.
Also, a solution to 1.1 should apply to 4.3. I think it is still ok to
keep these as separate issues.

I think some exisiting JIRA issues touch on one or more of these (in
addition to 100 and 506, I'll start looking...)

Once we get these organized I can post an overview on the Wiki.

What do you think?



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