Some of these questions are also answered in the website... like how to submit a patch. May be we could use the WIKI to maintain architectural/coding issues, while keeping the website upto date for general process info that doesn't change frequently. Coding issues could include how to add a new error message, adding new service, new datatype, new builtin functions that can be updated easily in our WIKI.


Daniel John Debrunner wrote:
David W. Van Couvering wrote:

Things I'd like to see described here include:

- How to submit a patch
- How to test a patch
- The issue I'm discussing here about what branches to apply patches to
- Our recommended criteria for a release
- Architectural policies like how to create a new service, how to use a
service, how to work with shared code (if/when we do this), how to throw
exceptions, etc.

Sounds good, most of this has been covered in e-mail discussion, and
thus is in the archives. The trick is finding someone willing to spend
the time to extract it and format in some useful, readable format.