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From "David W. Van Couvering" <David.Vancouver...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: How Do I Contribute? (Apache Derby Network Server Startup-Script for Linux [FC && RHEL])
Date Tue, 27 Sep 2005 16:28:05 GMT
Hi, Peter.  Your scripts sounds very useful!

I think the approach you want to take depends on whether you expect 
you'll be doing more contributions or if this is a one-off.

If this is a one-off, you might want to just attach your script in an 
email to derby-dev.  The problem with this approach is it means more 
work for a committer, and thus they'll be less motivated to add the code.

If you think you'd like to add more contributions and/or you want to put 
in the extra effort to make it more likely to get your change committed, 
you should probably follow these steps, most of which are one-off steps 
for a new contributor.  Details on how to do these steps can be found 
off of the Community tab of the Derby web site

- Add yourself as a user to Derby JIRA
- Create a JIRA feature request for your script
- Send email to derby-dev asking to be added as a developer to JIRA
- Test your script with the latest build of Derby from 
- Once you're added as a developer, you can attach your script to the 
JIRA item
- A committer must decide to commit your patch.  A committer will do 
this if they feel it's a valuable change of the right level of quality, 
and they have the time to evaluate it.  You may need to nag if nobody is 
committing it or giving you feedback.

There are more steps involved if you were submitting a patch which was a 
change to the base source code, having to do with doing a build and 
testing your patch, but we can deal with that later if need be.

Thanks for your interest!


Peter J DiCrescenzo wrote:
> Hello Apache Derby Developer Community!
> I've recently started exploring the Derby database platform, and had 
> been trying Derby out in different configurations (app-embedded and 
> container-embedded); ultimately, I'd wanted to trigger an instance of 
> Derby as a NetworkServer to allow for concurrent access by web 
> applications and separate clients on different machines. 
> I'd looked for (and found) a very simple script that would work in 
> Fedora Core linux as a chkconfig-managed /etc/init.d entity, but found 
> that it didn't provide all the functionality and configurability I was 
> looking for.
> Because of this, I'd ended up writing my own script that runs in FC4 
> (and should work in any other RedHat-or-derivative Linux leveraging 
> chkconfig, i.e. FC1-3, RHEL, RH9, et cetera) in order to automatically 
> and safely start and stop Derby as a NetworkServer instance on boot, 
> shutdown, or invocation, abstracting all of the options for JAVA_HOME, 
> CLASSPATH, the Derby install directory, port number, thread min/max and 
> timeslice, allowing for Derby to be started in the user context of 
> something other than root, et cetera.
> I'd like to contribute this script to the community, but I'm also very 
> new to the Apache Way; what's the most direct way to get involved and 
> contribute my script?
> Peter DiCrescenzo
> peter@tempest-it.com

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