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From Rick Hillegas <Richard.Hille...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: JUnit license, was: subversion etiquette]
Date Wed, 14 Sep 2005 20:36:37 GMT
Hi Dan,

We briefly discussed this compatiblity test suite late last month on a 
thread titled "client/server compatibility testing". Here's the essence 
of that proposal:

o As part of the checkin barrier, derbyall should just test the 
compatibility suite against a Derby client and server running at the 
current level on the same jdk version.
o The full set of combinations can be run on a weekly basis by some 
o The full set of combinations should be run as part of the release 

I was hoping that the first point could be accomplished by some jiggery 
pokery which ran the compatibility suite under the normal (non-junit) 
test harness, producing a canon. This wouldn't wrench the existing 
machinery around too much. However, it would require developers to 
download the junit jar so that the test class would build and 
execute...and this may be controversial.

The full compatibility suite (run weekly and before releases) would be a 
collection of junit test runs--for which no canons would be necessary. 
It would run under its own small ant- and junit-based harness with its 
own instructions. I don't regard this harness as a permanent fixture. I 
am cautiously hopeful that someone will tackle the problem of migrating 
our existing tests to JUnit; and when they do, my temporary harness can 
be thrown away and the compatiblity suite can be integrated with the 
general mechanism. Back in May, an email thread titled "JUnit" discussed 
the desirability of migrating our tests to the JUnit framework over 
time. You described your experiments with JUnit and seemed hopeful that 
this framework would reduce the time it takes to run derbyall.

Other than requiring developers to download the junit jar, I think I am 
proposing something fairly modest here. However, the camel's snout would 
be in the tent. With JUnit now visible to Derby developers, momentum 
might build for someone to attempt the bigger migration. At that point, 
we probably would have to iron out a lot of controversial issues.

Please help me understand what issues (besides the junit jar 
requirement) you see in this first, smaller proposal to expose an ant- 
and junit-based compatibility test suite.


Daniel John Debrunner wrote:

>Rick Hillegas wrote:
>>Thanks Jean, David, and Francois for your suggestion that I amend
>>BUILDING.txt. Now I'm back to an etiquette question: I'm hoping to check
>>in a JUnit assertion-based test. Since the test needs JUnit to build, my
>>patch will break everyone's build: they will have to download the junit
>>jar themselves. This could annoy a lot of folks. What is the etiquette
>>for breaking the build this way?
>I think a vote would be needed to accept the patch.
>Currently Derby's testing policy is its own harness, you seem to be
>suggesting some change, but it's not clear what.
>What's the expectation here, that these Junit tests need to be run
>before any commit, in addition to derbyall? Or that they are separate
>tests run by those that care to, like the current upgrade tests?
>If they are required to be run, then are you providing a single command
>that executes both derbyall and the junit tests?

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