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From Kathy Saunders <kat...@mtrad.com>
Subject Re: Modular build, was: VOTE: Approach for sharing code
Date Tue, 13 Sep 2005 22:07:17 GMT
David W. Van Couvering wrote:

> Well, we're at a bit of a standoff here.  What I'm looking for is a
> nail-in-the-coffin data point that would move us in one direction or
> the other.

I've been following this discussion with some interest as my background 
is technical support.  In fact, I supported Cloudscape for the first 4 
years (from release 1.0 of Cloudscape).  My experience is that 
developers (particularly Java developers) really liked Cloudscape (now 
Derby) because it was so easy to use and deploy.  And, I found 
historically that one of the most common issues to come up were 
classpath issues (in particular we got in trouble a few times when we 
introduced something that caused the order of the jar files to be 
important).  You should note that I'm not, and never have been, a Derby 
developer, so I don't claim to be an expert on what's correct and best 
from a development perspective.

I'm a bit concerned because I see a lot of discussion about what is good 
from a derby development perspective, but not so much how these changes 
may affect users of Derby.  Although some Derby users have complex 
applications (like application servers), many are implementing much more 
simple solutions. 

Having said that, I'm a bit lost in what is being proposed from the 
user/functional perspective.  David, as soon as you have a more concrete 
proposal (may not be the time yet), can you post that information?  
Could you  provide information on what the users of Derby will have to 
do with this change (how would our documentation need to be changed) and 
maybe footprint, performance, etc. impacts vs. the benefits  from making 
this change.  I'd like to be able to provide my input from a 
usability/documentation perspective.

In addition, I work on Derby now in the testing area, so I'd also like 
to understand the implications for what additional testing might need to 
be done.  If we create more jar files, is there more testing 
requirements for different combinations?


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