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From Kathey Marsden <kmarsdende...@sbcglobal.net>
Subject Re: VOTE: Approach for sharing code
Date Fri, 09 Sep 2005 16:08:48 GMT
David W. Van Couvering wrote:

> The build script for the org/apache/derby/common directories
> will not compile the class.  Instead, it invokes a build-time
> tool that will perform the following actions for each class
> in the org/apache/derby/common hierarchy:

Thinking of this in the same light as an obfuscator, I sort of thought
of the rename/copy  coming much later and only for the jar build. So in
your example when the developer added
java/common/org/apache/derby/common/logging/Logging.java, she would just
import org.apache.derby.common.logging.Logging where needed.  Instead of
looking like a regular class it is a regular class.   The default ant
(all) target it would just get built as  you would expect.   The IDE's
would behave and there are no  extra confusing copies. 

The jar build (buildjars) target is where the change happens.

The jars are built normally and then afterwards some utility runs on the
binaries to rename the package,
For example the utility changes  org.apache.derby.common.*  ->
org.apache.derby.client.common.* in derbyclient.jar. I have no idea how
hard this is to make such a uitility, but was once told that such
utilities exist. Perhaps someone with more Java bytecode knowledge than
I could  tell us how hard.

In the jar build an alternate source code tree is generated in the jar
build location, which
1) Generates  java/common/org/apache/derby/client/common/*,
java/common/org/apache/derby/tools/common/*  java  files.
2) Fixes up the imports for the other java files.
3) Builds the new source tree and  makes the jars.

- The jar build takes more disk space, and becomes more mysterious,
especially for the ALTERNATE OPTION,
- User reported stack traces will show classes that only exist for the
jar build, which might be a bit confusing to developers, but README
files in the generated directories in the source tree could mitigate this.


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