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From Rick Hillegas <Richard.Hille...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: Sharing code
Date Tue, 06 Sep 2005 18:57:38 GMT
I suspect this is adequate for the problem user Dan has identified: the 
novice Java developer who doesn't understand classpaths. I suspect that 
we will not come up with a bullet-proof solution for advanced users who 
experiment with tricky techniques for faulting in classes. I would err 
on the side of keeping it simple.


Francois Orsini wrote:

> This issue reminds me of the database deadlocks issue - you can't 
> completely get rid of them but you can do a good job at 
> preventing/reducing them...
> I think it has been proposed before but can't we have the very first 
> class of the network Client driver and Server check for a 
> legitimate/compatible version of the common classes (package) via a 
> Version class and a static method being passed the caller's version 
> number  - this can be done with a static block early on on the 
> ClientDriver class for instance (for the client part) - The common 
> Version class could have a compatibilty table (matrix) if we need more 
> advanced compatibility check computations...If the common package is 
> compatible (based on the compatibility table) then all is fine, 
> otherwise a (runtime) exception is raised in ClientDriver. I do _not_  
> think we need to check for all interfaces as long as we preliminary 
> checked on Version.checkIfCompatible(versionNumber) early on via the 
> static block - I think we could assume that if you get the proper 
> Version class from the common package and it is compatible, then the 
> rest of the common interfaces should be compatible as well since they 
> would get loaded in the same order as the common Version class which 
> has been identified as (version) compatible. Sure people could come up 
> with twisted scenarios shooting themselves in the foot, but at the end 
> I think we want to be able to address the majority of the 
> cases/situations...just some more thoughts...
> --francois

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