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From David Jencks <djen...@apache.org>
Subject Possible problem with embedded xa and autocommit
Date Thu, 22 Sep 2005 18:25:20 GMT
I have some evidence that derby is not always resetting autocommit 
properly after the end of an xa transaction.  Is this a known problem? 
Are there any tests related to this?  I'm not in a position yet to 
supply a test case demonstrating this but want to ask if there is any 
existing information about this.

Some details about my situation:

There are at least 2 threads involved
Connections are held in a pool.
The problem appears after a considerable time, not immediately
autocommit is definitely false after XAResource.commit() is called
I have not located any way that autocommit could be set false before 
the start of the transaction, but I also haven't proved it is true for 
the particular connection involved:
  I did a lot of logging including the setAutocommit calls and did not 
see calls to the connection in question, but I didn't yet log the 
autocommit state at the start of the transaction, so I think it is 
barely conceivable that I missed something.

I'm using derby

Many thanks,
david jencks

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