On Aug 20, 2005, at 3:08 PM, Jean T. Anderson wrote:

Andrew McIntyre wrote:

Attached is a patch to make some minor changes to how the website is  built for the release pages, including moving them to their own  category in site.xml and using the Cocoon CLI configuration to pull  in the release html. If someone (Jean, I'm looking at you :-) ) could  review the patch, that would be great.

'forrest site' results in this error, even though there is a source
releases/release- file:

   X [0]                                     release- BROKEN: No pipeline matched request: release-

The file doesn't get 'skinned', so doesn't have the same reduced site nav menu that the skinned release- has.

Is that expected? I haven't worked with the cli.xconf file.

whoops, no it's not expected. The src attribute of the <uri> tag in cli.xconf that pulls in releases.html had a typo in the patch I submitted to the list. This line:

<uri type="append" src="release-"/>

should read:

<uri type="append" src="releases/release-"/>

fix that, and you should get no broken links, skinned HTML goodness, etc. Take note, though, to issue FOR-480: 


The skinned html ends up being generated into $FORREST/main/site and has to be mv'd over to the build/site directory.