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From Francois Orsini <francois.ors...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: derby standards
Date Tue, 23 Aug 2005 19:47:35 GMT
I do agree with a lot of this *however* and as we all pretty much
know, many of the ANSI SQL items have been made standard after certain
RDBMS vendors pushed for them to become a standard...It's great to be
innovative and come up with enhanced features and syntaxes as long as
IMHO _if_  1) it is obvious and makes sense to invent and propose them
and there is no existing standard, 2) there is an actual follow-up and
representation at some ANSI committee...Basically, if one decides to
come up with a new syntax or important enhancement to the SQL world,
then it better makes sense and be proposed (follow-up) for ANSI

If you look back at how "stored procedure" and "trigger" made it to
ANSI specs amongst other additions, I'm glad the innovative RDBMS
vendor(s) came up with these items in the first place ;) - sure enough
and eventhough there is now some ANSI standard based stored procedure
and trigger, existing RDBMS vendors will continue to support their
current extensions (i.e. T-SQL, PL/SQL) - not just because they have
to be backward compatible with the existing customer base but also
because the extensions are (currently) richer than the ANSI standard

It is important to respect the existing and defined standards - We
need to make the extra effort to support and reinforce standards
compliance in Derby as Rick mentioned - completely agree with this -
this is the absolute minimum IMO. Now providing extensions on top of
the standard (base) is something that also makes a database
attractive... ;) but if you want portable code, then use the least
common denominator which is ANSI SQL and other official standards...

I recall hearing about ANSI SQL compliance tests being available
somewhere...not sure where this stands...JDBC used to have some as


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