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From Rick Hillegas <Richard.Hille...@Sun.COM>
Subject client/server compatibility testing
Date Thu, 01 Sep 2005 00:25:12 GMT
Here are some musings about testing the compatibility of clients and 
servers across Derby versions and supported platforms.

Our servers need to interoperate with the following clients:

  Derby 10.2
  Derby 10.1
  Derby 10.0

In turn, these clients need to interoperate with the following servers:

 Derby 10.2
 Derby 10.1
 Derby 10.0

Our clients and servers are platform sensitive . Based on the platform, 
a client/server supports some JDBC rev level. I don't know about the 
platform sensitivity of the db2jcc client. The supported platforms are:


NumberOfClients * NumberOfClientPlatforms * NumberOfServers * 
NumberOfServerPlatforms = 192. This is a lot of combinations in which to 
run a compatibility test suite. If the suite becomes fairly 
comprehensive, you could imagine it taking 5 minutes to run. That's 16 
hours for all combinations. It would be too burdensome to require all 
combinations as part of the checkin barrier. The following sounds 
reasonable to me:

o As part of the checkin barrier, derbyall should just test the 
compatibility suite against a Derby client and server running at the 
current level on the same jdk version.
o The full set of combinations can be run on a weekly basis by some 
o The full set of combinations should be run as part of the release barrier.

Comments? Improvements?


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