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From Philip Wilder <0505...@acadiau.ca>
Subject Re: Derby 213 patch
Date Mon, 22 Aug 2005 19:08:45 GMT
>> I don't think it is  so good to have  references to internal classes
>> (e.g org.apache.derby.client.am.ResultSet) in the functional tests.
>> Is there a  way within the public API to test if autocommit has
>> occurred, maybe the current XID from the lock table VTI would help.
> Initial investigations don't yield anything useful from the LockTable. 
> It would seem that for the client ResultSet a lock, identical in all 
> ways except for the final digit in the XID, is held both before and 
> after the auto commit. This differs from the embedded behavior where 
> attempting to access the lock table tells me that there are never any 
> locks held for my tests. I'll continue investigating but if someone 
> can prove me wrong and show how the lock table can be useful in this 
> regard or offer me an alternate solution I'd be most appreciative. 

Sorry Kathey, I'm being dim. XIDs have the potential to work they just 
require a little more creativity then my previous solution. Testing 
seems to indicate that XIDs aren't held over a commit. Ergo if I compare 
the XID before the commit with any XIDs after the commit and have a 
match I have criteria for failing the test.


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