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From Kathy Saunders <kat...@mtrad.com>
Subject Re: boolean type
Date Wed, 10 Aug 2005 16:52:06 GMT

Lance J. Andersen wrote:

> IMHO do not think that is a good idea.  Derby is now open source so if 
> you add a switch for DB2, you will then need to do the same to have it 
> behave as Sybase, Oracle, MySQL.... etc...
> This datatype is part of the ansi stanard so it should be part of  the 
> supported data types.
> Rick Hillegas wrote:
>> As I dig into this issue, it has become apparent that the BOOLEAN 
>> datatype was removed so that Derby would be compatible with DB2. The 
>> regression test lang/db2Compatibility.sql monitors this behavior.
>> The IBM folks clearly invested a fair amount of effort in building a 
>> DB2-compatible Derby. I don't want to simply undo that work. Would it 
>> be reasonable to introduce a startup property which causes Derby to 
>> operate in a DB2-compatible mode? The default for this property would 
>> be false, but it might be useful for developers who want to use Derby 
>> as a baby DB2.
>> -Rick
>> Rick Hillegas wrote:
>>> I have assigned this issue (bug 499) to myself. I plan to do the 
>>> following:
>>> 1) Re-enable the BOOLEAN datatype by removing the parser short-circuit.
>>> 2) Re-enable the TRUE and FALSE literals.
>>> 3) Add appropriate unit tests.
>>> Cheers,
>>> -Rick

Dan is on vacation and can't give you the history, so I guess I'll give 
you my own opinions.  It is true that IBM did disable some features to 
make Cloudscape DB2 compatible.  This work was done before the decision 
was made to contribute the code as open source.  When Derby was created, 
a charter was written (see 
http://db.apache.org/derby/#Derby+Project+Charter) that talks about 
being a standards-based database and making it easy to migrate to other 
databases if a user chooses.  So, I think it is reasonable to re-enable 
a feature like BOOLEAN if it's part of the standard (and this one 
clearly is).  I actually agree with Lance that a switch for DB2 (and 
other databases) is not a good idea, but thanks for the thought :-) 

I would suggest since this is a feature, that you put it out for an 
official vote and see what happens. 


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