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From Veaceslav Chicu ...@infologic.fr>
Subject Re: boolean type
Date Wed, 10 Aug 2005 06:56:59 GMT
I guess, it is desabled because in DB2 we don't have BOOLEAN type

I'd like BOOLEAN type in DB2 too, in INFORMIX we already have it

one more reason it's in SQL standard


Jeffrey Lichtman wrote:
>> However, before someone undisables the lines identified by Jeff, I
>> will mention that more work than meets the eye went into it - at least
>> into adjusting the tests. . .
> Of course any new feature should have tests written for it. I didn't
> mean that someone should hack out a line of code to enable a feature
> without writing tests for it.
> Can't someone at IBM resurrect the tests for the boolean type? I would
> expect them to be accessible in whatever source code control system IBM
> uses. Or perhaps IBM considers the reinstatement of the disabled
> features to be against their interests.
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