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From Rick Hillegas <Richard.Hille...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: JUnit
Date Mon, 08 Aug 2005 20:20:41 GMT
I'd like to take stock of where this issue stands. I believe some 
engineers may already be working on JUnit harnesses for Derby tests. If 
so, could they let the derby-dev list know what they're planning and 
what they've accomplished so far? In case there are multiple parallel 
efforts going on here, it would be good to coordinate them.

An issue on this thread remains unresolved: What framework should we use 
for running assertion-based tests on the J2ME platform? I liked Tom 
Hawtin's suggestion of a DerbyTestCase superclass which compiles one way 
on J2ME and a different way on the full-featured platforms.

I'd like to get people's feedback on the following proposal for moving 
Derby tests onto an assertion-based framework:

1) Derby engineers who have already invested time building JUnit style 
tests, please share your status with the group.

2) Let's figure out the following double-joints:
  a) how to run the same assertion based tests on J2ME and jdk1.4
  b) how to integrate new assertion-based tests with existing 
canon-based tests

3) Let's agree to some strategy for migrating Derby off canon-based 
tests onto assertion-based tests. Something like the following:
  a) We should write new tests under the assertion-based framework.
  b) If a feature/bugfix breaks an existing canon-based test, then 
fixing the test should involve converting it to the assertion-based model.


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