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From Daniel John Debrunner <...@debrunners.com>
Subject Re: Fixing bugs in 10.1/trunk - WAS Re: Client data source issues
Date Mon, 11 Jul 2005 23:44:39 GMT
David Van Couvering wrote:

> Great, thanks.  So as I understand it you can have multiple releases of
> 10.1.  Will these be labelled as 10.1.1, 10.1.2, etc? 

Something like that, I think whoever does the first one would propose
some version bump, at the moment only the build number automatically
changes. Kathey once suggested that every bug fix into a branch should
bump the last digit in four part number (the x in 10.1.1.x), then a good
logical scheme would be for 10.1 releases to bump the third number (y in

> Are these sorts
> of minor releases done by suggestion/need, or on a regular timetable?

Whatever people want, most likely by suggestion/need.

> What does it mean to "help" with a release?

Perform merges, review merges, run tests, suggest fixes to be migrated,
update release notes, ...


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