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From "Jean T. Anderson" <...@bristowhill.com>
Subject You, too, can contribute content to the Derby web site!
Date Tue, 05 Jul 2005 19:56:56 GMT
I've noticed other Apache development lists begging for web site 
content, so thought I'd give a shot at it as well.

Lots of people on this list have a wealth of knowledge about Derby. 
There are many ways for you to contribute your knowledge for others to 
enjoy on the web site -- and you don't have to know forrest to 
contribute.  (On the other hand, if you *do* know forrest, you are very 
much welcome to help out on the forrest side of things because Derby has 
a serious shortage of people for that.)

This post lists several ways to contribute, varying from easiest to most 
effort. Whenever a new/modified file or patch is involved, the best way 
to contribute it is to open a Jira issue with a component of "Web Site" 
and the type set to "Task". You can also post it to derby-dev, but it 
might get buried by list traffic.

Add a Q&A to the Derby FAQ via 

A million thanks to Stan Bradbury and Sunitha Kambhampati who have 
contributed to the FAQs at http://incubator.apache.org/derby/faq.html. 
Mamta Satoor and Myrna van Lunteren have also contributed to the FAQs.

Contribute your paper in the format of your choice with no intent to 
integrate it with the web site (i.e., no web site navigation menus or 

A million thanks to:

  - Emmanuel Cecchet: PDF/SXW doc on how to use C-JDBC with Derby
  - Sunitha Kambhampati: HTML doc on how to run DOTS with Derby
  - Ramandeep Kaur: PDF writeups on how to integrate JOnAS and Derby,
    DOTS and Derby system tests, and EMMA and Derby code coverage
  - Jack Klebanoff: HTML writeup on Intersect & Except Design

Slightly more difficult
Contribute your HTML paper in a format forrest can consume and integrate 
into the web site.

A million thanks to Dan Debrunner for the To Do list and the JDBC 
Implementation Notes (and probably some of the other "seed" docs as well).

More effort (paper in forrest xml format)
Contribute your contribution in forrest xml format.

A million thanks to:

  - Dibyendu Majumdar: Derby engine writeups on optimizer design, 
logging & recovery, on disk page format, log format, and versioning.
  - Stan Bradbury: iBATIS JPetStore integration
  - Susan Cline: logo contest updates and eclipse plugin.

Most effort (forrest patch or direct updates to forrest source)
A million thanks to:

   - Andrew McIntyre for his updates of release information
   - Susan Cline for her forrest patch that added info about the new 
eclipse plug-ins

My apologies if I missed thanking anyone. And if I did miss you please 
let me know so I can thank you in future posts.

Info about adding to the web site is here:


When I free up some time, I'll try to tidy up this information and make 
it more useful. I'll also add instructions on how to create a forrest patch.



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