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From Philip Wilder <0505...@acadiau.ca>
Subject Re: Derby-213 Early Patch
Date Fri, 01 Jul 2005 15:05:08 GMT
It says in section 15.2.2 of the document says:

"next() — moves the cursor forward one row. Returns true if the cursor 
is now
positioned on a row and false if the cursor is positioned after the last 

I guess the way to reconcile both this statement and the item in section 
9.1 is for the next method to return false when closed. This is a novel 
approach but I think it would require changes in both embedded and 
client. It also would not necessarily fix the the SQuirreL issue I've 
alluded to before so other method would need to be investigated as well. 
I will investigate StmtCloseFunTest.java further.


Dan Debrunner wrote:

>Philip Wilder wrote:
>>> In regards to your last challenge, I am inclined to agree with your
>>> position. If we consistently follow the specs over the javadocs that is
>>> one less point for confusion. However as Kathey points out, this may
>>> mean that there are "bugs" in the javadocs. If we adopt this philosophy
>>> then we can simplify the advanced cases I specified in my auto-commit
>>> document. One item I would really like to see in the JDBC 4.0 spec is
>>> changing this item found in section 9.1 (in relation to closing
>>> ResultSets):
>>> "if the cursor is forward only, then when invocation of its next method
>>> returns false"
>>> to this
>>> "if the cursor is forward only, then when invocation of its next method
>>> returns false. Further calls to next method on this ResultSet will throw
>>> an Exception."
>>> if this is what is truly meant. If this is the case then Embedded is not
>>> functioning to spec and Client (at least in part) is doing what it is
>>> suppose to (from this it follows that SQuirreL is also not following the
>>> spec). If not, the reverse is true.
>I don't think the JDBC spec (4.0 section 9.1, or 3.0 section 10.1) needs
>to be changed as you describe. The comment "if the cursor is forward
>only, then when invocation of its next method returns false" is
>describing when a ResultSet is closed.
>The question then becomes what should the behaviour of a ResultSet be if
>it is closed? For Statement and Connection objects is it required that
>most methods throw exceptions if they are closed. I'm not sure where
>this is defined, but I know Cloudscape followed it once we started
>running the JDBC portion of the J2EE TCK. See StmtCloseFunTest.java

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