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From Philip Wilder <0505...@acadiau.ca>
Subject Re: Derby 406, 409, 410 patch
Date Fri, 01 Jul 2005 13:40:26 GMT
Kathey managed to spot some areas in which my patch could be improved 
and some in which it was plain wrong. I'm still tidying up at the moment 
but should hopefully have the Kathey approved patch in the near future.


Philip wrote:

> At Kathey's suggestion I took a short break from staring at 
> auto-commit code to turn my attention to some other issues. I change 
> the following items in the client code with this patch:
> - Set password to a default value ("defaultpassword")
> - Set user to default to "APP"
> - Set the default servername to "localhost"
> - Changed the updateDataSourceValues of the ClientBaseDataSource class 
> to update the password value if a password is found in the connection 
> attributes.
> - Changed
> databaseName_ = dataSource.getDatabaseName() + attrString;
> to
> databaseName_ = dataSource.getDatabaseName() + ";" + attrString;
> in the connection class to avoid database names like myDBcreate=true 
> when the setConnectionAttributes method is used.
> - Changed the dataSourcePermissions_net to include additional tests to 
> check bug fixes and changed the associated.out file to match new output.
> Also with regards to the "Client data source published api javadoc 
> cleanup" email sent out by Dan I changed the password, user and 
> servername attributes to private so as to hopefully not conflict with 
> his changes.
> Philip

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