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From "Anja Klein" <Jaguar...@gmx.de>
Subject new create-statement
Date Tue, 19 Jul 2005 13:13:11 GMT
For my thesis (diploma) i have to implement an extension of derby. I would 
like to implement a further CREATE-statement for the production of data 
samples. Thus for example the instruction "CREATE SAMPLE ON TABLE x" 
should create a sample of the data from table x. Furthermore I would like 
to create a new Catalog-Table like SYSSAMPLES. 
I added the new Tokens i need to the existing parser, which creates the 
associate querytree. My problem is, where and how this querytree is to be 
I tried to follow the way of execution of a normal create-table-statement, 
but i couldn´t understand it. There are so many functions/classes 
etc., that i don´tknow where to look. 
Could someone give me a hint or explain the structure of derby´s execution 
part? I would be grateful also for an overview of the general structure of 
Thanx a lot! 
Bye, Anja 

Anja Klein

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