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From "Dag H. Wanvik" <Dag.Wan...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: derby.jar size/-g issue
Date Wed, 27 Jul 2005 16:25:54 GMT

Hi Dan,

>>>>> "DJD" == Daniel John Debrunner <djd@debrunners.com> wrote:

DJD> I wonder if it is due to inconsistent use of these ant property files in
DJD> the build.xml files.
DJD>   <property file="${properties.dir}/sane${sanity}.properties"/>

I had trouble getting the tests to build with debug option set, due to
the above usage, since "sanity" wasn't set anywhere (my ant.properties
set "sane" as per build instructions).

DJD>   <property file="${properties.dir}/defaultcompiler.properties"/>
DJD>   <property file="${properties.dir}/${build.compiler}.properties"/>
DJD> Only a few build.xml have the sane${sanity}.properties, some build.xml
DJD> files only have the ${build.compiler}.properties. Should every build.xml
DJD> have all three lines as above?
DJD> Does ant allow some include type functionality, so that the same
DJD> information doesn't need to be copied to all build.xml files and instead
DJD> can be in one place that's referenced by all the others?

Yes, as of version 1.6, it does, cf
http://ant.apache.org/manual/CoreTasks/import.html The semantics are
not obvious, though; the talk at ApacheCon made a point of this: The
contents are imported *at the end of the current .build file*, not
where it is textually located.


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